Asian French Kiss

Asian French Kiss

Learn all you need to give the perfect Asian French kiss. And if you need a date to master your French kissing, do join our free Asian dating personals or any other free singles sites out there.


What makes an Asian French kiss different from a normal French kiss?


Basically there aren’t different types of French kisses. You just need much more intimacy and affection before Asians start French kissing. Do remember they call it ‘French’ kissing and not ‘Asian’ kissing: it’s a no-brainer if you come to think of it.


French kiss and smooching


A French kiss is sexual by nature: it’s kiss where the tongue is put inside your partner’s mouth and they do the same to you.


American singles seem to engage in French kissing much faster than Asians. We remember the mother daughter French kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears: although not even dating, there tongues did exchange mouths.


Madonna French kiss

Another Madonna French kiss with one of her female dancers promoting her launch of her latest album ‘Hard Candy’ in 2008.

Asians do notice more the bottle of Champagne in Madonna’s hands than the French kiss she is giving:



Of course you will have seen Japanese movies where the people dating do exchange French kisses. Remember that these movies are fictional and mostly targeted to westerners who only dream about Asian dating.


Asian French Kissing

Rarely seen Asian French kissing between Asian Bollywood star Shriya Saran and Western Hollywood actor Hunk Jesse.


Asian dating normally is engaged when a friend introduces you to a friend. This comfortable environment is bypassed totally by online dating sites. Always go slow yet steady when meeting Asians through online dating or friend finder services.


How to French kiss


Anybody can learn the technique of how to French kiss. To make it memorable, you do need to master all of the following ingredients:



Remember that a French kiss is just ‘another way of communication’, so respond to your partner. Let your whole body to communicate and not just your mouth.


Visit any on line dating site, join free dating websites with pictures like ours, write an honest dating profile and in no time you will be enjoying the perfect Asian French kiss.

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