Romantic pick up lines

romantic pick up linesUse these romantic pick up lines when you are a genuine romantic person (because I don’t want you to know the secrets of seducing another romantic person…).

If you are serious about dating, than do things that are genuine you. (like joining our totally free personals).

I mean: when you date in order to find a life partner, don’t pretend to be someone else.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with brushing yourself up a bit, but if you walk around in lumber-jackets 99% of the time, then don’t go dating in a suit. It won’t be you and most likely it will make you even more uncomfortable than you already are when trying to get in contact with another person.

The same goes when it comes to using so called secret pick up lines: if you are a funny person but not at all romantic, then use your strength and find yourself funny pick up lines. If you are really funny, you should make them op on the spot, yet it’s always a good idea to go prepared with some lines up your sleeve :-)

Good romantic pickup lines

Sweet romantic pick up lines

Most likely you would say: this line is not that romantic, not even funny. Where it will be totally the opposite with somebody else…

So before you even open your mouth to start a date: try to find out as much as you can from the other person.

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